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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello out there to you :) 

Lot of words, no art today. I wish I had something creative to show for myself, but I don't.  I have been selling quite a few little things though, even a big painting recently. Yay!

I think today I have a lot of little things on my mind that are digging at me some.  Relationships, travels, errands...stuff in my brain. I am flying to visit my best buddy from childhood, in Nebraska, in a couple days. Have I mentioned before that I really don't enjoy flying at all?  Just the thought of flying makes me tense up.  Call me crazy, but I can make myself cry just thinking about being on a plane. BUT.....I must maintain, I have to be somewhat cool & collected because my oldest daughter is going with me, & this is her first flight.  Don't want to have to put her in therapy after her crazy mom freaks out on a flight!

So this afternoon, one of the things I did was go get my forehead ironed out.  Botoxed that is.  I had bought this deal awhile back...20 units for a pretty good price, cause all that kind of stuff is expensive & I don't have the money for all that maintenance.  Anyway, so I am in the very lovely little white room, & the lady giving the shots is telling me I will need a little more than I initially bought the deal for.  Ok, fine I say.  Then we start talking about the lines around my mouth(to be fair, I brought it up).  Well, she will need a filler, but that is really not going to help with this area, & then she points to my mouth. Oh, I know, I say, it is starting to turn downward. Oh, also I guess my eyebrows are not high enough...she said she could lift them in the future with shots. My eyebrows? Ha ha, I never even thought they weren't where they should be. She was very nice while saying all this, by the way. Then we went on to what skin care I use, apparently I need prescription strength sunscreen & Retin-A for my fair freckly skin.  So anyway, aside from feeling a little disheartened, & cursing my white lady genes, it all gave me a little chuckle. I guess I will do what I can do occasionally, & then I will have to let nature takes it's course! 

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