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Monday, October 8, 2012

Penelope & Moustachio

These two, a guy & a gal, are my latest creations.  They can be used as little planters...or to hold little treasures in. It was interesting, trying to create a male(or something that resembled one)...practice,practice.

Just a little drawing I was doing earlier today, contemplating the car-less day ahead of me.  We've been down to 1 car for awhile now...which is not the end of the world, but it does limit your options.  I guess no soda runs for me today, luckily I have some green tea with caffeine in my little bunker here, or I might not make it :)


  1. Hello Aimie! I found your blog awhile back via Facebook...I think. Anyway, your sis-in-law and I were great/best friends through junior and senior high and into college. I've known your hubby since he was little!!

    Anyway, that said, I've enjoyed your art and blog, but really had to comment on your latest creations. They're great!! You've got a lovely mix of whimsy and emotion in your art which I thoroughly enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing! And very glad to have "met" you. :-) Say hey to your hubby for me... Stacey

    1. Thank You for the nice comments :) I will tell Richard you said Hi.