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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Super Shiny & Girls Who Wear Antlers

My new Blythe doll arrived yesterday.  If you don't know Blythe, she was a doll that originally came out in the 70's, but didn't go over well because people thought her big-eyed look was kind of creepy looking.  Anyway, now she has quite a cult following.  There are tons of clothes you can get for her, websites dedicated to her, Blythe conventions(last year it was in Oregon, I wish I could've gone), etc.  Sooooo, also these dolls are a little pricey, & what some people do is buy a doll & customize it.  You can dye the hair, or take her scalp off & put in Mohair(looks hard to do).  You can sand down the face to take away that shine, & put on new makeup. Also, I want to try & do this....carve her nostrils & carve the lips a little.  So I am nervously excited to see if I can do this, I've wanted to try it, cause I have seen some beautiful customized dolls.  So she will be my first one, my guinea pig kind of. I have my Rit dye ordered for her hair, my needle files ordered for carving small spots.  Fingers crossed she makes it out of her procedures looking good!  I will show the after pictures when I'm done.

I just finished this clay art doll in a box.  The clouds are made of collaged pieces of paper & her hair is rolled pieces of paper.  She wears a little beaded necklace, & a little sacred heart on her chest, while sporting some antlers on her head.  I included a quote I love by Thoreau in the box.  Here she is...

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