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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Tree

 I am stalling a little on getting any cooking started yet. Relaxing some, & also trying to give myself a pep talk into taking a morning jog. We'll see about that one!  But it's not like I will be spending hours in the kitchen, since we are going to my aunt & uncles today, & just bringing a few dishes with us to share. 

Last night we added some leaves to our little painted Manzanita tree, & shared what we were thankful about this year.  I am thankful for so many big things in life, like the experiences I've had...the good & even the bad, because I know I am learning from it all.  Thankful for this family I have been allowed to have, & for friendships.  Thankful for all the little things, & the things I take for granted, day in & day out, but are really gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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