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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sleepless Me & My Boy Turned 4


Man, lately I have been up pondering, rehashing, thinking, praying a lot of the nights.  When things chip away at me in real life I can usually sweep them aside, & busy myself during the day.  But then the crazy darn issues come up in my dreams, or just leave me wide awake mulling them over in the wee hours.  I wasn't too terribly nice to someone the other day, & I already apologized but it is still bothering me. Ironically, I am helping to lead a book study group about words & the power they can have.  How we can build people up or tear them down(& ourselves) with what we say.  Of course, then I went out practically the very same same day of the study & shot my mouth off a little :(  Ok, so I'm still a work in progress. Another thing is, I've been having a little rash of bad luck in shipping my art pieces. They have always got to their destination safely in the past....lately 2 things have been broken.  Now I have something pretty fragile on the way to Florida, & believe me I packed that mother up well...but I am still a little worried. Hoping it arrives safe & sound!  So I  came to the conclusion when thinking about other things too, that I don't like to mess up.  Maybe that is whats really bugging me.....hmmmm?  Many thanks to my blog for playing the role of my sounding board/shrink today. Ha ha.

Switching gears here.  My little guy turned 4 yesterday. I am so grateful to have him. I never pictured myself with a boy before having him, but it was meant to be :) We went to the San Diego Zoo & Old Town San Diego over the weekend & had a great time....even got a little run in!

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