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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Japanese Style

I think I pretty much love all things Japanese.  Love their Kokeshi & Ichimatsu dolls, the crazy/cool Harajuku styles some wear, the food, Geishas & their beautiful outfits, & of of course those cute Japanese Snow Monkeys!  I would love to go explore that country, & shop(of course).  Actually I was in Japan once, but it was only in an airport on a time to see the country :(

A lot of the art I create seems to have a little Japanese inspiration. Regardless of whether or not I set out to make something I'm working on look Asian, they often do.  Below are a few things I've been working on lately.  The first little girl is made of my kids Shrinky-dink plastic...I kind of hijacked it from my kids, & started having my own fun.  She is in a re-purposed mini Altoid tin that is decorated with paper & beads.  I also was making a box for my clay girl, I had made a while back, named Miyoko.  I put her in a painted wood box, & decorated the inside so she has a little place to stay.

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