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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The weather here is going a little crazy, it was super cold last week....I mean freezing for So. California.  Now it is back where I like it, shorts & tank top in January.  This past weekend we hit the beach, it was such a great day, I had to go.  Normally, I'm not too much of a beach person. But I decided I think I like it better in the off season!

I was able to get a jump start on a few creations this weekend too.  Was hanging out with some friends, who were all making some really neat crocheted things(I need to pick that up again)....& we were sipping some cocktails while we worked.  I was embroidering a few things, & made this girl below.  Maybe the Malibu Rum helped get the creative juices flowing?

Also, finished the girl on my wall at home that I had started awhile back.  So I shall post some pics:

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