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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Label Me This, Label Me That

There are a few things in life that get my panties in a bunch.  One of them being, when someone pegs me as a certain kind of person, & tells me about my personality traits, then stamps me with a label.  Usually, by the way, it happens to be a person who has never spent much time with me.  Anyway, today I was told I'm an Introvert(Ok, I mostly am & I know it), & that I shouldn't have a certain trait because I am one.  Ugghh, I really dislike it when someone else tells me what I am, & what I should be if it's a diagnosis, a box that I have to stay in.  The rebel in my bristles at that sort of thing.

So I stopped the lovely person right there, mid sentence, & promptly told them(nicely)... I don't like when people label me, I have tons of different traits, not just introverted ones.  I think people equate being an Introvert sometimes with being shy, & that in turn with being weak.  I told her, I've never been afraid to speak my mind, I just don't feel the need to speak all the time!  Blah...ok, letting it roll off my back now :)

All better.

So school has started back up, & other commitments.  All that good stuff.  I've got those thoughts in my head, as we roll into Fall about what should I involve myself in, & what should I maybe back off of a little?  What things will help me fulfill my purpose more?  What is just unneeded fluff?  Hmmmm.  Just thinking while typing.

Anyway, onto art, which always keeps me sane.  I've had it on the brain to make larger pieces, when I work with clay.  But am thinking if I go way larger, I may have to venture into ceramics & the whole kiln thing.  I really would love to experiment with making my sculptures on a larger scope. This girl below, I call her "Deerling" is a little larger than usual.  She's pretty heavy actually.  I was happy I found the perfect box/drawer for her to sit in at a nearby store.  

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