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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hockey Mask

Feeling Octoberish here. 

 The other day I did pretty hilly bike ride, with a crazy friend of mine....I mean that as a term of endearment :)  I used to ride all the time. It was my favorite thing, over running, over hiking, & for sure over swimming.  Now I don't get on the bike so much.  The funny thing I've noticed since I haven't been in the saddle so often is, I am afraid now.  When I am flying down a hill, I'm riding my brakes like a mad women, picturing my front wheel going out from under me, & me eating it big time.  I came to the conclusion I would feel better if I could ride wearing a mouth guard, & hockey goalie mask.  I've thought about this(as you have a lot of time to ponder on long rides), that cycling is a  lot like my life to me....when I am going up something really hard & steep, I am sometimes grumbling, usually cussing a little, praying for strength, feeling thankful that I have a healthy body & am able to do it. Then I get through that, & the dreaded downhill comes....most people enjoy this part, by the way.  I however, have issues.  I feel like I am holding on for dear life, tense, so scared I will wipe out.  It's only the rare times I actually surrender it all, tell myself that whatever happens happens, that I feel peace, & start to somewhat enjoy that part of the ride.  So I guess what I am saying here is I need more downhills, where I loosen my grasp, & realize that God is in control no matter what....but maybe the mask wouldn't hurt.

We are already mid-way through October, so I shall show some pics of some things we've been doing lately.
Pumpkin Jumping
Hay Ponies
Made for Day of the Dead
Little Birthday gift for a friend

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