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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Sometimes Hermit

Hello.  I've been making a few things lately, some just for fun, & some to sell in my shop.  Also, because it is just something in me that has to create. Good, bad, however it turns out, I love to have my mind wrapped all up in some kind of project.  I don't totally love how all these turned out, but they all save me in little ways(so that I am grateful for), if that makes sense?

Drawing/Collage on cardboard
Clay Head Planter. I named her Clementine

Nativity set for next month
I was thinking the other night, as I was kind of coercing myself to go out to a gathering of women I know, that I could easily be happy holed up in my house with my family, my pets, my books, my paintbrushes & all that other good stuff & not venture out too much.  It's funny because I kind of had it planned to have a low-key weekend,  just doing things with my husband & kids.  Then when I was included in an invite,  I heard the little voice in my head say "Aimie, you won't have any friends if you don't go to these things". ha ha.  So fear of being a big loner is what sometimes makes me take the plunge. I wonder if it is that way for anyone else out there?
  Then there are times when I get out in a group & everyone is chatting it up (there are usually a few really talkative ones),  I usually sit there & nurse my drink & throw out a few random slightly awkward comments. Hmmm, maybe people invite me for comic relief? 
 I think I am better off with just a few good friends.  That is what I like. It's somewhat easy to have a lot of people around that you do things with, it's another thing to find people who actually know your heart, who appreciate your slightly different way of looking at the world.  So I find myself seeking like minded people a lot, because it is not super often I find a friend I really click with.  It's interesting that some of the people who keep getting placed in my path have some challenging personalities, issues, & a bit too much drama for me.  So I am like "ok God, what are you trying to teach me?.  Why not send me this great loyal friend, who I really get?  Why the flakey ones & the one's who have issues with truth telling?"  Sigh :(  Then I am reminded of how everyone's got their "stuff".  How it's so much easier to love a person who truly knows us & get's us, then it is to love someone who is in our life, & is difficult in some way. It makes me remember that I've made an utter mess out of my life so many I need to show love to people in their current messes.  Anyway, just a few scattered thoughts on friendship, & my own weirdness. Blahhh. Until next time :)

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