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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Wow Christmas, it came & went so fast! Loved seeing my kids beaming faces when they were surprised with something they really wanted, & also the little unexpected gifts they didn't know they wanted until they were opened. A stuffed Llama my husband & I picked up in San Francisco, made a big hit with our daughter India.  Loved seeing aunts, uncles, cousins that we don't get to see that often anymore.  Although(sidenote), I noticed I seemed to develop an eye twitch on all 3 occasions I was with a lot of people/family at Christmas gatherings. Ha ha. I wonder what that means?

Today there is a lot of sorting & shoveling going on here at my place.  To make room for the new, a lot of the old has to go! I don't like clutter, yet somehow I have amassed quite a collection.  I think my family may have tendencies to cross over from being slight clutterbugs, to being full time hoarders. Yikes! So I've been supervising the chucking & recycling of a rather impressive mountain of things.

So another Christmas is under our belt. I'm feeling that life is going mighty fast & things are forever changing....seeing extended family always reminds me of that.  Grandparents that are no longer at the gatherings, new marriages, my once little cousins(now in their late twenties) having babies. Crazy. Someday I'll be sitting around a table celebrating Christmas with my own grown up kids.  But not quite yet :)

Yay! Christmas cards
A few of my fur children
A burping Pug...lovely
New hat
Llama friend
My aunt's place...I like how she decorates
One of my favorite little things my husband gave me this Christmas.  Love the artist: Pretty Little Thieves

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