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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Eat, sleep, play, exercise, & create, is our day to day.  Of course also end of school year obligations, & things to get done, before some relaxation can officially start.   As you can see from the Father's Day photo below, my housekeeping skills have gone out the window.  Yoga mat on floor, eating on a folding table, a pet everywhere you look.  Whatever, my kids will remember the love right?

Irvine Regional Park on Father's Day
The Code-man tries to keep pace with me on the scooter, while I run.
Making some end of school gifts for the teachers
This face always makes me happy
A recent clay doll I made.  She has some curly-q metal pieces on her head, beads, & the top of a paint brush :)
Did this picture of Frida the other day, with my favorite quote of hers.
Playing around with watercolors, paper & wood & made this girl.

One of our evening exercise excursions.
I am grateful for this season of our lives, in all it's sometimes hectic, hurriedness.  The times I am able to be outdoors, to run, or to be at home, happy in my own head making art, I realize I have nothing to complain about.  This life is beautiful, & kind of crazy.  Crazy good, & crazy hard, you know?  Sometimes I don't get it....many times I've gotten a little lost along the way.  I feel like the times when I've been really low, in a weird way, make me appreciate the beauty of it all, all the more.  So I am blessed.

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