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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tests That Make Me Cry, & Other Tales

Randomly the other day(or maybe part of a divine plan), a lady I see very occasionally & had run into, was talking about her job.  Turns out she works in classes with Special Ed kids.  I never knew.  I can't even remember why we were on the topic, but I asked her what I'd have to do to work in a classroom with them too.  It's something I've always thought about getting into, & thought I'd need a Master's degree or something.  She said to be an instructional aid, it's pretty easy, great hours....all you have to do is fill out the online application....  & pass this simple test.  Easy.

So I got right on it, filling out info, trying to drum up professional references as I haven't had a "real" job in years.   Then I found out they were giving the test in a few days.  Looking over the areas to study is when cold reality set in, Ha ha.  Studying for this test, I soon realized, was going to be a bitch.  Equations of all shapes & sizes.  Angles.  Slopes.  Stuff I never had before.  Most of my high school years were spent ditching class, smoking in the girl's bathroom.  By some miracle upon miracles I managed to graduate high school, & get a bachelor's degree with only the tiniest bit of Math experience.

With all sorts of people praying for me, I did cram sessions with my husband/tutor for several nights, hoping that some of the facts would take root in my brain, & I'd actually be able to recall them when the dreaded test day came.

The morning of, I alternated between being a nervous wreck, stomach upset, etc. to giving myself the talk "let it go, whatever happens happens, God is in control".  Outside waiting for the test taking room to open, a lady walks up to me & sees me trying to memorize last minute facts & tells me this is her 4th time coming back to try & pass the math sections.  What?!? Right then I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'd probably be coming back to take certain sections again.

The doors opened & 3 hours later, I found myself done with the test.  Some math problems I had recalled how to do(so grateful), & some I blanked on & ended up having to take my best guess.  I was  almost the last person in the room as I headed up to get my test graded, & I didn't have much hope as I had heard the instructor tell several ahead of me they would need to come back & try again.  I watched her check of my English tests, with passing marks.  Tears are running down my face at this point, & I'm totally sure I looked like a crazy lady.  The instructor even told me my crying was going to make her cry.  Then she got to the part I was pretty sure I might've failed miserably & I saw her pass my 1st math section & then the next....just barely mind you, but I passed!

Sooooo, I was just waiting on my Essay portion to be graded(because that was supposed to be done by a different person) & then I would have the green light to pursue this job fully.  I got the "official" results that everything was good, essay & all, last week while away camping. Yay! Then I got home & looked at the school district job site, &(cue dramatic music), the listing is gone.  No job for me.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to pursue, which way to go.  It would be so much easier if there were neon signs posted in life.  I really think there have been times I could have used a few.

Anyway, enough about lame attempts at finding myself :)   Here is some semi-recent art work of mine.  My first custom Blythe doll sold last week too, & she went to live in Oklahoma, so I am happy about that.  Maybe now I can try customizing another.

Acrylic & watercolor painting.  Introverts of the world unite :)
Clay planter for a friend's birthday
Another clay planter: Everett...because I love that name.
Have fun at your new home in the Midwest Blythe.

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