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Monday, August 31, 2015

So Long, Farewell

This felt like the officially shortest Summer ever.  Never have the kids been back in school on August 31st, & they are today...this house is so quiet! 

It's so weird, my youngest (my boy), is in school all day this year too.  I've already cleaned my house a little, just a little pinch, don't want to get too crazy with it :)  I've read, I've perused the internet, I may mosey on out to get myself some lunch in awhile.  This is why I need a job, I'm going to be totally loco with a few days of this leisurely quietness!!

Well, it may have been a shorter Summer than normal, but it was crammed full.  So many adventures, I was grateful to get a chance to do.  Oregon, Washington, San Francisco, Mammoth.  

We even got in a few beach trips to close out the Summer right :)

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