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Friday, May 13, 2016

I Like Her

A couple things I say I don't give a shit about(but really I do)....

What other people think of me, & how many friends I have.  I think I'm a little more focused on the friend thing lately, because they feel like they are dwindling.  Pretty soon I will be a lonely hermit, with only my pets to talk to.  Slight exaggeration, yes,  & I still have my husband around to talk his ear off.

I think it's been gradually changing, the friendship thing, & now I will look around & realize weeks  have gone by since the last time I really hung out with someone that I connect with.  It's partially me, partially them.  Life is busy.  I kind of miss the days of being able to sit & talk for a long while, or long walks without time limits.

I only really have a handful of people I do things with, & few that truly get me.  One of them moved away awhile back. So as I said, my numbers are down.  I was contemplating a friend recruitment day, brainstorming how one goes about making new friends.  Ha ha.  But I am picky, well maybe not picky exactly, I just know what I want, & what I don't want.  I don't want to spend time too much time with people who talk & talk & talk & hardly listen.  It's also no fun to spend time with someone who is kind of judgy or puts down the things that I like, or make me tick.  See, so it can't be just any old person! I've tried the whole be open to everyone approach, but it's turned around to bite me. I still want to be open, but as much as I try to put myself out there,  I'm a little wary of not quite clicking with someone, but they latch on to me anyway.  Hmmm, this friendship thing is hard.  No wonder I like animals better :)

So in my friendless hours(just kidding, I'm just being dramatic)....I get the chance to paint.  I have been working on this girl lately & just finished her.  A lot of times when I paint something & I'm done with it, I'm not crazy about it.  I don't quite like the way it turned out.  This girl, I like her.

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