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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Made It!

My first school year working is over.  I'm so thankful for these past months because I've learned so much. Before I landed this job, I was floundering a bit, trying to find my purpose.  All the stars aligned though, & I was hired to work with some kids who need some extra help.  Then the first few days into it, I found myself sitting in the car crying before work, trying to talk myself into going.  The curriculum sent me into a panic. When I saw the Math I would need to be teaching, all the self doubt crept in.  So I lost sleep many nights early on, going over my lessons in my head.  I'm so glad I stuck it out though.  Now I have more confidence, because I was able to get through it....& end up understanding it well enough to teach it.  I can even say, I slightly enjoy Math now.  Crazy!

So Summer is now here.  My oldest, Sage, finished up 6th grade today.  I'm really proud of her,  I was watching her have fun with her friends at a breakfast following graduation, & thinking she is so unlike me at that age!  That is a good thing :)

We are waiting to see what these next few months bring.  Possibly the adventure of moving, or being grateful right where we are at.  I'm curious to find out.

No more 6th grade!
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