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Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Guess I'm Thankful?

 Today has been non-eventful & lazy so far. It's the last day of Thanksgiving break before we go back to real life.  This week off we had a couple days early on in the week to visit with our California friends who we miss a lot.  I always think when I spend time with them, that I am lucky.  Lucky to have people I can be myself with, who can handle my's not everybody who can :)

So, Thanksgiving was different this year.  Our first in Colorado.  No driving to anyone's place, or cooking for anyone but us 5.  It was nice & low key, but next year we may need to invite some guests.

The day after Thanksgiving we hung out in Estes Park with Richard's friend's family who invited us to a Christmas Parade there. It's been fun going to new things & maybe starting a few traditions.  Although it was cold as heck waiting for the parade to start, & I was told this was a warm year, so we'll see if this becomes a "thing" for us.

Yesterday, Richard took me to this Indian tea place in Boulder, that I have wanted to go to for years.  It's beautiful inside.  I don't usually take pictures of food, but every now & then I have to.  Oh, & they have also combined two of the best things...herbal tea & alcohol.  When I saw "tea cocktails" on the menu, I knew I had found my place.

All in all, a good week & I even had time to do a little art.

Anyways, you know with Thanksgiving comes some reflection about life & the things we are blessed with.  I am thankful for the people who are in my tribe, that love me for me, & I love them them in all their weirdness too.  I'm grateful that here I am in another state, with my family & new things ahead of me.  Last November, at this time, we had no clue moving was actually in our future.  I guess I am also thankful for the hard junk that is changing me.  It's hard to say that because if I could go back & change a lot of my choices in life, (& other's choice too) I would totally want to.  But since I can't time travel & we don't get do overs, I am going to hope it's all for a reason & be thankful for it all.  That's what I'm telling myself today at least :)

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