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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Little Acorn

I haven't written much, or been making art recently because I got a pretty much full time job. Actually all I've managed lately is painting this little lonely acorn.  I am working all day at a school & helping some special needs kids.  So it's the kind of work I like to do.  By the time I walk in the door when I get home, I find myself back at my short order cook job, because my kids are hungry.  Then I usually fit in a half hour of jogging around like a mad women, inside my house(it's cold outside) for exercise.  That's my day.  Good, I have something to fill my hours & make me feel productive, but not much time to create.  I'll get back to it soon. 

On weekends we have been working on this outdoor pet enclosure.  I dream it, & Richard builds it.  I like the way that works :)  It's even going to have a place for my cat Chowder.

Cody at Boulder Reservoir last weekend, I was trying to get a profile of him but this kid is squirrely & I'm lucky I got this.  

The kids at a little park & neighborhood we found in Longmont.  I wish I took more pictures of the houses, it kind of looked like a movie set.

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