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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making A Little Scene

I have to say, I hope my kid's look back on my eccentricities with fondness, when they are older...instead of just thinking I was a little off my nut.  Anyway,  since way back when, I've always liked to try make little imaginary scenes in boxes. We used to call them dioramas.   I used to like collecting little miniature glass animals, & making paper dolls too.  So I guess adulthood hasn't changed me much.  I put together this little scene, & included some plants from my back yard, different papers, etc. & then photographed it.

On another note, I've been itching to splash some color on our living room walls.  I was thinking of a mustardy yellow, or maybe a little goldish.  The problem with mustard, is it could end looking like something that would be found in a baby's diaper, if you don't find quite the right color. I have been looking at paint samples, & bought little sample bottles twice so far.  I need to stay out of the Home Depot paint section for awhile!  My living room wall is going to end up a rainbow of paint patches, as I go work my way through all the paint colors.  After I put up my shades of mustard/yellow, I started about red, how about grey? Decisions, decisions.

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