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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorating Tales

Aaahh....bringing out the Christmas decorations, & putting them up, such a fun time right? Our Christmas music was playing in the background & I was all about bringing the holiday cheer out, the other day. The first task was bringing out the boxes of decorations.  Some are in a long closet, in the house, & some are in the garage. I began to dig in the closet, pulling everything out, while Richard tackled the garage. If you've ever been in our garage, you'd know that's no easy feat!
As I was knee deep in the closet, I heard only what can be described as "bad stuff" going on in the garage.  Sounds of glass breaking, Richard yelling, then silence.  I went to check it out.  I guess he had broken an old mirror we had out there, either by accident, or maybe in frustration with all the junk in his way. Also,  blood was trickling down his leg from a close encounter with some pieces of wood.  After making sure he was ok & seeing he wasn't dying, I grabbed  the Christmas boxes from the garage & went back in to start putting the decorations up.
Last year I bought two new Christmas things. I love nativities, & I bought a cute one with little clay kids in it.  Also, I got a Folk Art style picture of Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus.  I wanted to display all the nativity type stuff on my wood case in the living room, & hang the picture above it.
That's where things went awry. The framed nativity picture ended up being really heavy, & I guess I should point out that sometimes I am short on patience, & may not have hung it correctly.  It fell off the wall.  My new cute nativity set crashed to the ground.  The stable was broken in half, an angel's wing was broken, & my wood display case now had a chip of wood missing from the front.  As I looked at everything, I yelled "I hate Christmas this year!"
After my breakdown had subsided, Richard attempted(with some amusing grumbling) to hang the picture of Mary, Joseph, & Jesus over the couch instead.  Thankfully I was able to glue my nativity set back together with my glue gun.  
The morals of my story?  Things are just things, & most of the time they can be replaced.  Have a little patience(I'm talking to myself here), & when in doubt, have a trusty glue gun on hand!
Back together & good as new.

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