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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Retro Dress

This past week has been fun, the kids have been on break from school, & Richard took off most of the week.  For Thanksgiving we cooked some here, & then took the food to Richard's Dad's house.  We got to see 3 of Richard's sisters & their families.  Then we ventured on to my Uncle Larry's & Aunt Monica's place, with our Tofurky in tow.
Sage cooking on Thanksgiving

India on the mosaic wall
This morning, bright & early, we had our photos taken.  I've been wanting to get some good family shots for awhile, also some of just Richard & I.  Of course I had the perfect picture all planned out in my head.  We had them taken at this artsy, outdoor I didn't want it to be the typical stuffy family portrait. So  I ordered this vintage dress for myself, & got the girls cute outfits too.  I waited, & waited, & waited on my dress to come...after all, it was supposed to make me look like a retro housewife/supermodel.  Finally, it arrived yesterday(the day before the pictures) & boy is it "vintage".  It smelled vintage, & it was wadded up in a really small box.  After trying it on, & realizing it wasn't working the wonders I expected, I decided to go with Plan B.  That would be jeans & a red shirt.  What can you do?  
Also, we could not find one of Cody's shoes at the last minute, so we brought him with one shoe off.  Most of the pictures he is barefoot in, & refusing to smile.  Sometimes I make myself laugh with what I envision in my head, & how something actually turns out.  It always works out ok though...& I'm sure we will love the pictures.
Trying to get Cody in a good mood
Sage posing
Not quite the look I was going for

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