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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adventures of Flat Stanley

Great clothes on Flat Stanley made by Aunt Royce
My daughter, Sage, got to do a fun 1st grade project recently.  You make a paper doll "Flat Stanley", & send it out to friends/relatives & they take Flat Stanley out, & show her a good time.  You can take her different places & take her picture, make clothes for her, etc.  Then she makes the journey back home, in the mail.  Sage then got to share with her class, what Flat Stanley had been up to.  She sent out two Flat Stanleys.... one went to her Aunt Royce's house in Washington & one went to her cousin Jacque, who took her to her job at Cal State LA.  Looks like the Flat Stanleys had a lot of fun! 

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