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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Lately my beauty regimen(which isn't too much), has been stepped up a notch. I decided to try Hemorrhoid cream.  Not for the usual place, but for for under my eyes.  I heard it helps with puffiness.  So I slather that on every night, as well as Vitamin K cream, for my dark raccoon circles.

Now that I'm on the other side of 35, I've been noticing these not so lovely changes.  The old forehead is not as smooth as it once was.  My under eye circles seem to be getting darker.  I won't even get started about my disappearing neck line!

So I think to myself, did I contribute to all this somehow?  I'm sure drinking water all those years, instead of soda, would have been helpful.  Maybe all those many Marlboro Reds & Salem Menthols weren't a smart idea!  Well, I already knew that!  Is it just my heredity?  Whatever the cause, I guess I have to admit, I'm aging.

I know it's inevitable, getting older, & I don't mean to sound vain...cause believe me there are far worse things in life!  I just want to be real about it, & the real me is not enjoying this process so much!  Although, I do like the idea of gaining wisdom as I grow older & becoming ok in my own skin(I think I'm getting there).  So this is all part of the journey.

Sometimes it leaves me wondering, how many creams & potions are in my future?  How much will I try to prop up, or pull back?  That could be painful!  Or will I embrace this whole getting older thing, & be ok with it?  That is my hope.

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