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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Past 10 Years

Richard & I just celebrated our 10th Anniversary.  We didn't go away on any big trip, but instead had a QUIET weekend closer to home. Did I mention how quiet it was?  That is because my parents entertained our kids for the weekend!   We got to get out & jogged/walked a 3 mile loop near our place.  We also went to check out this Indian area, in the city of Artesia, we've been wanting to go to.  Very authentic, I must say!  Tons of spice stores, clothing stores(with beautiful fabric), & Indian restaurants of course.  It was a nice weekend!
In thinking about the past 10 years, & what we've done/what has changed, I came up with a few things.  For one thing: we are no longer in our twenties(it had to end sometime!) The 30's have been good though..I like to think I'm a little wiser now.  We moved from Arcadia, where we lived when we were first married, to Orange County.  At the time, it seemed like a big move to us, after having grown up in the same area our whole lives.  We've had 3 kids, so the past several years have involved pregnancies(& me complaining), babies, & alot of diapers.  It has been quite an experience & I wouldn't trade my kids for the world.  They have made me a better person!
So the next 10 years should be smooth sailing right?  I know life is never like that, but I do wonder about things.  I wonder if we will ever make the "big move" over to Oregon or Washington, like we talk about?  My daughters will be teenagers within the next 10 years.  Will they even like us?  What adventures does God have in store for us?  Hmmmmm, I wonder.

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