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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going Native(American)

When it gets to be this time of year, & I see all the Thanksgiving decorations out, I think of the Pilgrims & the Indians. I am kind of partial to the Indians though, afterall, they were here first. Also I've been told from day one how much Native American I have in me..."you have it on both sides of the family, you should've got a college scholarship"...ha ha.  So I guess I can call them my peeps, even though I am lily white. 
Anyway, I've been on this kick, making collage pictures of little Indians on canvas. I put them on my mantle, because their little faces make me happy.  Once I put the artwork up, I remembered my little Indian doll, my aunt gave me as a kid.  Upstairs I went to rummage around in my closet & find it.  After finding the doll & putting it on the mantle too, it felt like it was missing something still. Perhaps the doll needed a friend?  Off I went to search on EBAY for another vintage Indian doll. I get slightly obsessed when I think I have a brilliant idea.  I am happy to say I restrained myself that day, & I haven't bought another doll yet.
When I was thinking about this post, I was thinking about a picture I like of my Dad & brother, in Indian costumes, that I will share.  Back in the day, there were groups called Indian Guides & Indian Maidens.  My Dad & brother were in the Mohawk's & my Mom & I were in the Navajo's.  My Indian name was Little Sunflower.  I think we went on some camping trips, & got to wear our costumes in the Temple City parade...pretty exciting stuff. 
So that was my train of thought about Indians & decorating for Thanksgiving.  It's a crazy,wild ride in this head of mine sometimes. 


  1. Okay, so did you find your dolls from the craft fair a while back?? Maybe was it just one? Can't remember....just remember that it was cute!

  2. I did find them (yay)'s an Indian & Pilgim together. It was in my garage:)