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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Goin' Back To Cali

We are home from our road trip.  Nothing like being in the car for 10-12 hours a day, even if it is with people you love. I passed the time by listening to my fair share of Aimee Mann songs(until Richard couldn't take it anymore). Took pictures of some boring & some not so boring things in the car. Found myself contemplating life, thought about what my life would be like if I had grown up in some of the towns we passed by.  Last but not least, thought about getting out of the car & going postal in some of the crazy traffic we were stuck in(who would have thought in Idaho?)

The kids did good. They seem to be seasoned travelers.  No real whining, even from a 2 year old...I was impressed. Happy to be back in Southern California now!

After our stay in Yellowstone, we headed on to Montana.  One of Richard's sisters lives in Butte.  Also, another sister(he has 6) & family came to Butte, from Washington, to visit. We had a fun time hanging out with family & seeing the town.

A lake around the Butte area.

Butte is an old mining town & you can see a lot of the old mining remnants up in the hills. Their old downtown area kind of has this different feel about it.  There are these great old buildings, most of which are in disrepair, & there was hardly anyone out on the streets.  Of course we were out looking at these old buildings towards evening, with slightly ominous skies about.

So let me tell you about Walkerville.  Apparently, it is this unincorporated area of Butte, up in the hills. Don't know how much is myth or Walkerville folklore. We heard it was a place where the people of the town live, who don't want want to follow laws.  There are dirt roads, & they drive around on ATV's.  People let their dogs run free.  Our brother-in-law said he decided to go running up there one time & was chased by a pack of dogs. Ha ha.  Our nephew said not to go there at night.  Anyway, I was intrigued...but we didn't venture up there.  I'm sure it would've been alright, I've probably been in scarier places in LA.
Richard, Royce & Rachel
Darcy & Cody

From Butte, we headed to Missoula, Mt. I've been wanting to see it.  It is supposed to be one of the more colorful towns in Montana.  If I lived in Montana, it is the area I would gravitate towards.

Bead Shop

Here a few of the cuter houses in Missoula. In the downtown area, there were some cool ones...but it was kind of hit or miss.  A really great one could be next to a really run down house, with a yard full of weeds.

That is it for now, until the next adventure:)

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