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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sawdust, Green Space Men & Such

A few pictures from the Sawdust Festival, in Laguna Beach.  We try to go to this fun place every summer. There is lots of pretty art to look at, glass blowing demonstrations(I wish I could do that), & little art projects for kids to do.

Yesterday was Richard's birthday, & we had kind of a low key party.  The kids decorated.  I think India thought a lot of people were coming over.  She didn't look too excited when she realized it was just us.  They had fun making up games...Sage drew a picture of Gizmo(from Gremlins) & we all got to play "Pin the heart on Gizmo".

The kids really felt like the cake top needed some kind of figurine or something.  So I tried to make a little clay Yoda...he turned out kind of cute I think.

I made this girl, out of clay, yesterday.  She has a little Asian flavor about her, so I am calling her Suki.

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