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Monday, August 29, 2011


My house was kind of empty & quiet this weekend, because my parents had our kids visiting them.  So we went to the local nursery & got some stuff for our back yard.  Richard(my mighty handy husband), is making us a raised wooden planter.  The kids are going to love planting vegetables in it.  Hopefully, because it is up off the ground somewhat, it will keep the dogs from jumping into it. Fingers crossed!
So this doesn't show too much, but he got it about halfway done.  Then I kind of pulled him away from his job, to go take a drive in the canyon around us.  I wanted to check out this house for sale, nearby but more    in a mountain-y part of town, & it comes with horse stables.  Hmmmm.  

Also, I got to work on this clay doll, Olive, & no little hands were grabbing my clay as I tried to work (or asking me for juice, or snacks, or pretty much whatever constantly).   So it was good to get some things done & relax...but I do miss my noisy little kids running around.  So I am off to my Mom's soon to swoop them up, & bring them back.

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