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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fading Into Fall

Ok Fall, I  know Summer is soon to be over.  I can feel you on our heels, & I have to say, I think I am ready for you.  Maybe even looking forward to you a bit. We've had a good many Summer adventures & are holding tight to the last few days of it, but I am kind of looking forward to the change in the air, the colored leaves that paint the trees, & my girls getting back in their school routine.  India is so cute, she is so excited to go to Kindergarten & be at the same school as her big sister.

O'Neill Park near our house

Both of my girls wanted me to put colored streaks in their hair, before the first day of school.  I am all for expressing yourself, but this seemed like a potential mess(with me trying to do it myself).  I looked it up & realized I'd have to bleach parts of their hair first, & then put the bright pink or whatever color they wanted on top of all seemed a bit more complicated then I wanted to do.  So I asked them if they'd like some clip in color strands, & they went for it without any persuading.  Yay, much cheaper & less mess.

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