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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pancakes For Lunch

Running here & there today. Typical weekday...the girls go to school, & Cody & I hit the streets to run errands. We took the mountain ride on the way to the store.  I love the mountain ride(that's our name for the canyon road near our house).  

I was trying to capture the lovely Oak trees while driving, so forgive the blur.

We got to our destination of Trader Joes, & had only a few things to get(4 to be exact).  Of course as I was halfway home, I realized we forgot one of the important things...toilet paper.  Good thing for that stack of napkins from Chipotle restaurant :)  Back at home, we went out in the back, which is my cat Chowder's favorite hangout.  We have newly growing (& still green tomatoes).  We also planted Cucumbers, Jalepenos, Corn & some herbs.  I am excited for our little harvest we will have.

I love the colors on these Geranium leaves.
I finished up a couple of little art things, I'm going to sell, & then went to pick up my girls.  They both get out around lunch time on Thursdays.  They asked for pancakes to eat, & I remember as a kid it was always kind of fun having breakfast stuff some other time of day.  I don't eat them anymore (the Vegan thing)...but I enjoy making them, super big, & watching my kids devour them.  I was thinking I was a fun mom, if only for a moment.  ha ha.

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