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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Melancholy & Thankfulness

I think I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  Feeling somewhat sad, & for the most part I am ok, just a part of life.  I think it has been a part of my personality(the funk, the melancholy...whatever), for a long while.  Just feeling like I don't quite fit in circles, but a lot of times feeling like I truly don't even want to fit in.  Ha ha.  My crazy thoughts, I tell ya! 
Yesterday, Richard entertained the kids by toting them a long to an electronics shop with him, & to night church, & then to pick up Thai food, on the way home.  I had a block of time to myself, so I worked on my art, with the Sept. 11th tribute shows playing non-stop on the tv, in front of me.  I was sitting there on the floor, art supplies splayed out everywhere on the coffee table, tears streaming down my cheeks.  I must have looked kind of funny :) 
 A few thoughts about what happened 10 years ago:  I was thinking I am really blessed to have the life I do, the family & friends, my house(even with it's smelly carpet), my pets.  Just thinking how we never know when it's going to be the last time we see someone & it's a reminder to me to always leave on a good note, & let people know how we feel.  Also, I was thinking what would I do in an awful situation like being trapped in the Twin Towers, or knowing my plane had been hijacked?  I think life or death situations can bring out the best or the worst in people.  Would I be clear headed & trying to help others, or panicking & useless?  Then the big one...why does God allow certain things to happen?  A lot we will never understand, I think.  Glad He can handle me questioning Him sometimes.  Just thoughts, many thoughts swirling around in here.

I made this girl yesterday.  For some reason, my creations have been having animal ears on them lately.

The other day, I put this drawing (that I posted the other day) on a canvas. There is some fabric layered in the background. I drew some flowery vines, & added some paper clouds & raindrops...made a collage out of her.

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