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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Red Rocks, Crystals & Good Juju

Hello.  We have been home a couple days, back from our trip to a truly lovely(& hot) place...Sedona, AZ.  The landscape there is so pretty, no wonder so many people are drawn to it.  I guess the place/rocks is said to have special powers.  My daughter Sage is really into rocks & minerals right now, so we visited quite a few rock shops.  Apparently different rocks help you with different issues.  Feeling need such & such rock.  Too high strung?....then you need this rock.  Interesting, though I don't really buy into it....they sure are pretty though!  Ha ha, I am imagining the giant pile of rocks & crystals I would need for all my little quirks :)

Slide Rock State Park

About an hour away from Sedona, the town of Jerome.

A local of Jerome, this dog joined us for lunch.

India's new fan....she took it with her everywhere.

Stream near our campground
The skunks come out at night. Got to watch where you walk when it's dark!

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