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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Skies


Enjoying the last of Summer here. Wow, we did alot these last few months, & it went by too fast! School is starting back up next week & I have yet to do the whole school supply shopping spree. I was glad to hear my neighbor tell me she hasn't done it yet either...I felt a little better. 
So Richard's car hasn't been working lately, & I have been driving him to & from work.  I am not minding it, in a way kind of liking it.  It makes me feel kind like a good little wife, meeting him at work(kids in tow), asking him how his day was :)

            Pretty, slighty stormy looking skies on the way back to our house.

This is a girl I made yesterday.  A painting/collage on wood.  My girls say she looks like an Indian Viking...

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