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Friday, December 26, 2014


It's the day after another great Christmas. The end of December always reminds me how fast the year goes by.  This December, like so many others has been filled with holiday craziness, parties, school programs, & catching up with fun peeps we don't always get to see.    
Out looking at Christmas lights
Christmas Eve
Making them pose with their mama
Christmas Morning
Reading the Christmas story
Cody's new pajamas & slippers
My Folks came to our place on Christmas, so we didn't have to drive anywhere.
Gifts....Hello Kitty Kiss doll & my awesome new blanket

We had a great holiday & now it's the day after all ready. Looking forward to the New Year ahead, curious what it's going to bring(see I'm an optimist today :)

This month, I've been trying to still work on my art...but it seemed to get buried under holiday festivities & obligations some days.  I've had quite a few orders lately, so I am grateful for that, because it's always encouraging when someone out in this wide world likes my stuff. 

Also still learning what the heck I'm doing. It's probably a lifetime of experimenting, & figuring out what works & what doesn't.  I was making this girl out of clay below, then her head broke off of her body while I was cooking her.  So I made a new body which is the one below, & today I've been trying to make her a little box to go in.

I was making another clay doll & she broke too. Ugh! So I salvaged her & fixed her neck & decorated her all up. I had her how I wanted her, photographed her for my ETSY site, & all that jazz.  A day later or so, her face started to feel slightly sticky. So I tried to remedy that with painting over the stickiness(maybe not wise), drying with a hair dryer, spraying with a matte sealer. Blah, now she is stickier than ever! 

I'm slightly obsessing on it, me & my crazy personality. I put my heart into these creations, & when they get ruined, I kind of feel sad. Especially when I can't figure out what caused it. Did I not cook it long enough, paint it too soon, use a different paint, etc?

Anyway, all part of the messiness & creative process that is art, I guess. I'm sure there will be plenty more pieces that have unexpected things happen to them along the way, but hopefully also a lot that I really end up loving how they turn out . 

Before her face got shiny :(

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