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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Exercise, Work On Art, Repeat

I'm a little late, a week to be exact, but I finished my 2nd Olympic Distance Tri last Sunday.  I am soooo, soooo grateful that I survived the swim, did reasonably well, & it's over!  Of course I enjoyed it in a somewhat masochistic way, that most people who do races will understand. Here are some photos from the day.

My perfect days, are days where I feel good cause I challenged myself & did something hard that maybe I didn't totally want to do.  Some days that is just getting out & overcoming my mind, thats telling me it really doesn't want to run when it's cold out.  But then I feel awesome when I do it.  Also, any day that I get a block of time to work on my art & my brain is totally in it, & off all the other directions it is pulled in, is a good day.

Today I've been working on a clay girl, that may end up being a Christmas present, if I like the way she ends up. I'll show here when I'm all finished with her.  Then my husband & I got out of the house together & did a 4 1/2 mile run on the trail.  I'm liking our little late afternoon dates on the trail :)

Here is a little art piece I did the other day. She started out totally different, but somehow turned into the girl below, with branches for hands.

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