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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Adventures Of A Soda Junkie

Holy Jeez, I made it!  Cody & I just got back from one of the hottest walks ever.  All because I was on a quest for my daily diet soda, & my car is in the shop.  I live at the top of some very hilly hills & it happens to be near 100 degrees today (crazy Oct. weather in Ca)....anyway, I wasn't about to let that stop me.  
A little impromptu picnic, on the gas station grass...happy to have made it to our destination.
My Prize.  
Unfortunately, what you go down, you must come back up.  I was re-thinking the whole walk thing on the way home.  No shade, so no where to stop.  I was picturing myself passing out, & Richard getting a call at work, that his lame-o wife was in the hospital, with a heat stroke or something.  Ha ha.  
I think the heat got to me...I have a case of "the crazy eyes" in this pic.  Ha ha
Well, needless to say...we did make it home(since I am sitting here typing this) & I was very happy to make it here.  I was thinking:  wow, how did people do things in the olden days?  I guess they were more homebound, because most trips would have been a major thing.  I guess these days we make ourselves a little busier then we have to be. But seriously, if I had to walk in one of those long, heavy dresses(like Mrs. Ingalls wore) I wouldn't be a happy camper.   Ok, I won't bore you anymore with my soda blogging or thoughts about the Little House On The Prairie days :)

Yesterday I finished this clay girl.  I was making her for the art fair I am going to work at, but I ended up putting her in my ETSY site.  I really love her colored hair.  I knotted up a bunch of little knot buns of yarn for that.  

She has some fabric wrapped around her & a beaded necklace.  I am calling her Tatum.  Well, that is it on the homefront for now.  Bye!

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  1. Tatum is beautiful.........and sharing your quest for that nice tall glass of diet soda was fun to read.