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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Don't Usually Hang Out In Cemeteries...

Our weekend started out with  Sage & India's school Fall Fair. We all had a good time...well I don't know about Richard.  I had signed him up to be a volunteer for Bingo, which I thought was going to be a kid's game, in a booth outside.  Turns out it he was calling out numbers, for an hour inside one of the school buildings, with a few die-hard Bingo players :)  He is a better sport than me, I have to say.

The Fair had a reptile room. This is Sage & her friend Anna, with a slithery friend.

Yesterday, we went to a Day Of The Dead celebration at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  As far  as cemeteries go, this is a pretty neat one.  They have a lot of ornate tombstones, & the grounds are really cool.  People had their elaborate alters set up to honor their loved ones...there were some quite pretty ones.  It was interesting to see how they decorated it with the things the people loved while they were living. You could tell if the person was an artist or a musician, while they were alive.  One guy had Bud Light beer & Top Ramen soup surrounding his picture.  Made me wonder what the peeps in my life would say I loved....animals, trees, art, dolls, diet pepsi, veggie burgers???

This little alter caught my eye. The little Bulldog reminded me of my Yoda & Snowball.  I miss them both.
I put some makeup on my brother(kind of like when we were kids). ha ha
This is Johnny Ramone's ginormous headstone.
So I have to say, I really loved this festival.  The art, the music, good Mexican food, & of course little goodies to buy, to remember the time we had.  It seemed a little weird at first, to be hanging out in a cemetery(although it is a fitting place for this celebration)!  Anyway, I will definitely try to go again next year.
Brought these back for my girls.
Also, here is India with her Day Of The Dead makeup on.  Both my girls wanted their faces made up, but thought they would be too scared to go to the festival(smart kids).  They went to Grandpa & Grandma's instead.

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