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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well, it has been 1 year since I began this whole blogging adventure.  Wasn't sure I'd like it at first, or how long I'd last.  But I have to say, I rather enjoy it,  getting some thoughts out there, sharing my art.  It's cool to look back & see things my family has done too. I think the reason I hesitated a little at first(about diving into the blog thing) is I don't like to be taken the wrong way, & I think once you throw something out in writing, or what have you, people form opinions about you, usually filtered through their own lens, their own life experiences, etc. But I have realized that happens no matter what, it happens when you're talking to someone in person even. There's no stopping it, some people get you & some don't.  I think these late 30's are great(in some ways),  I find I care less & less about that kind of thing, cause I am good with who I am, what I stand for....& all that jazz.  So I am going to write on!

P.S. Now I am analyzing this stinkin' paragraph over & over & thinking "did I sound too this way or that"..."should I explain myself more, so I don't sound like a weirdo". Issues, I tell you , issues :)

On another note...look at my creepy picture. I was practicing my Day Of The Dead makeup for something I am doing this weekend.  More about that in a couple days :) Adios!