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Sunday, February 19, 2012


In between painting Cody's room a color called "Barely Jade", & doing a few other smaller projects, we headed to the park for a picnic.  I wasn't very excited about it, cause it was grey & cold.  That doesn't deter the kids though, so off we went(me with my bad attitude).  When we got there, we headed over the sidewalk & onto the grass to find a place for our blanket.  As we were walking, India told me a bird was staring at her. I laughed a little & kept walking ...because if you know my daughter, you know she has a little bird phobia.  So off we headed & had our freezing cold picnic, kids ran up &  down the grassy hills & played. Later, warming up, back in our car, the kids were still playing on the grass in front of me & India said to me that the bird was still there.  Then she pointed to this little thing, I never would've seen on my own, on the edge of sidewalk & almost in the grass.  I went over there, & the little feathered guy let me scoop it right up.  Hmmmm, so I knew it is not doing too well, if it let me pick it right up.  I was telling the little bird(telepathically, as if I speak bird)... you are lucky little guy, the right person found you...out of all the people going to the park today & you got me, crazy animal lady.  So we put him in a little hat, & off we went to find bird formula & medicine to take care of him.

He is not opening his eyes that much, & when he tries to stand he seems to fall over.  I can't tell if there is something wrong with one of his feet, it looks kind of like it, so I named him Hobble.  I don't know if he is long for this world, but I am doing my best to make him comfortable, & I am hoping I can nurse him back to health.

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