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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Missing A Place To Create

I am living in a temporary state of messy, chaos, & it's getting to me a little(silent scream).  We have had our new floors put in downstairs, so furniture all moved from there.  The art studio/office is gone, & being changed into the girl's room.  My desk, supplies, random junk, computer, cables, etc. are all in a messy heap in our bedroom.  Carpeting guys are coming in 2 days, to put in new carpeting on the stairs, & our son's room everything has to be out of that room. But I don't mean to complain, the new wood floors look great, & I am grateful to be able to get all this done.  I know pretty soon, all the mess will be a distant memory(I hope), & we'll be settled back into this place.  But I am missing being able to do my art, things are so all over right now, I don't even feel like attempting to carve out a little place to work. It's kind of a pain in the big Lebowski, not being able to locate anything.  The other day I went in the garage to look for my little notebook that I write ideas, sites I like, etc. in, & ended up giving up & high tailing it out of there, after I caused a major avalanche of papers, cds & who knows what else.  Anyway, the closest I've come to making anything lately is cutting out paper Valentine's hearts to liven up our walls.  

                                                      Yay!  New floors

                                                 A few hearts about

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