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Friday, January 7, 2011

LaFonda Tile Red

We are in the process of painting our office/art studio.  I picked a shade of reddish/orange....& I am liking it!  Only half the room is painted so far, we have to move the computer out tomorrow, & all the many cords & cables.  Then we will paint the other half.  The kids love to "help" paint, & Cody usually ends up with a lot in his hair.

I am picturing my art studio, when I am done. What I'm going to put where.  There are some pictures I want to get, as well as putting more of my own work up, & I saw these really pretty paper butterflies for walls, I might have to buy.  I think it's going to be a good place to create!  

India was my model the other day....she likes it for about 5 minutes & then is done posing, & moving on.  I just finished this picture of her (with  my ever-so-patient husband's help). I am somewhat proficient in Photoshop, but glad he is a good teacher.

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