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Saturday, January 29, 2011

She's Got High Hopes

      My thinking cap has been on & I've been pondering a few things lately.  I was trying to picture my little noisy, funny, full of energy kids as adults. It's hard to envision, because they are such little sprouts now, but I know they will grow up sooner or later.  I am curious what their personalities will be like, & what will be important to them.

      I was having a conversation with a lady I know, the other day.  We were both kind of on the same page about wanting our kids to go out & experience life when they are older.  About how it shouldn't be all about getting into the right college, to get the high paying career, & settling down in your big house with the white picket fence when you're older.  Don't get me wrong, college is great, & I hope my kids go, if they want to.  I just want them to be able to pursue their passions, wherever they lie.  So I came up with a few things, a few hopes I have for my 3.

I hope they will:

* Do what they love career wise, whether that be... artist, trash man, missionary, politician, etc. etc.  Whatever.
* See & experience how other people live in the world, & respect their ways of life.
* Truly have a heart for the broken. Know that the homeless person, the addict, or prostitute is no different the doctor, lawyer, or Pastor...we are all made in God's image.
* Really get that they are unique(as we all are) & be ok with who they are, & not feel the need to be like everyone else, or follow others.
*  Have a respect for God's creations.  Genuinely care about people, animals, & the environment.  My little future tree huggers!

High hopes, huh???  I know there will be bumps in the road, & I know they aren't perfect, but if they end up with good hearts & values, I will be happy.

P.S. Bonus Points to the kid(s) who remain lifelong Vegetarians. 


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