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Thursday, January 13, 2011

This & That

Hello there to you.
I am just playing around today.  I am going on a trip to the mountains this weekend, on a scrapbooking trip.  Yes, I've become a lady who goes on scrapbooking trips with other ladies.  It is fun though, & there is usually a few cocktails involved.  Anyway, so I have been gathering up all of my photos, papers, tapes, glues, etc. that I will need.  I guess I should pack my clothes at some point, but right now I'm sitting here at the computer, with my daughter Sage by my side.
Ooops, I cut off part of my head.

Just finished this creation...I am rather liking embroidery right now.

Somewhat of a doodle I did, with pen & watercolor.
Little crown I bought--to be used in future artwork.

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