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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Thinking of ideas of stuff I'd like to make... & wrote a couple down.  I don't know how much stuff to bring to this art fair I am selling my stuff at...I only have a 5 x 5 ft. space.  Anyway, I'd like to do a darker, more Burton-esqe (Tim Burton, that is), or Coraline kind of clay doll.  Kind of like the one, Wren, I did awhile back.  On a side note....the makers of Coraline are making a new film,  ParaNorman ....can't wait to see it :)

A little painting of mine, on top of my sketch/ideas book. 

I had a plan for these little trees, it just hasn't come about yet.  Maybe I will make my doll with a tree coming out of the top of her head soon(that was the thought), or maybe it will turn out being something entirely different.  

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