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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1st Gift

Happy November!  These are a few pics of the last of our October. Here is Persimmon in her Halloween dress, I couldn't was on sale for about $2, at the pet store.

They had a fun Halloween, & got loads of candy.  I was happy we didn't trick-or-treat for hours, it was just long enough.  Then we went to get Thai food with my parents & brother.  Yum :)

Today I took down my Halloween stuff, & brought out the Thanksgiving decor(which I realized I have far less of).  I feel official, out with one holiday & in with another.  Also, I bought my first Christmas gift, nothing huge, it's some Scottie Dog stationary for my Grandma...who has a hefty little Scottie named Buddy.  Anyway, I feel good, one present down & however many more to go.

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