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Monday, November 21, 2011

Oranges & Reds

Yesterday I was out with India, while the rest of the clan stayed home, trying to get most of our Thanksgiving food shopped for.  I had a get it done in as few stores as possible.  We went to two stores, but couldn't manage to find all our ingredients & bummer, our main course "Tofurky" was nowhere to be found. Looks like we are in for more grocery shopping.  I was feeling very Fall-ish yesterday, & was thinking it was the perfect Fall day, wind blowing some, colored leaves, holiday feast shopping.  So I was driving around like the crazy lady I sometimes am, snapping pictures of trees while driving :)

This girl is just a little something I made for fun...maybe I'll stick her on our Thanksgiving table, when we eat.

This road is headed back to my place. I am lucky to have these mountains & hills all around me.  A lot of times I am thinking about moving somewhere else, & how great that place is going to be.  But when I stop & look around me here, it's really quite pretty where I am now! So my great Fall day, ended up giving way to pouring rain, & we ended up spending the afternoon & early evening all over the place looking at used stuff.  But at least I had my morning :)

P.S.  I am loving this song...Roll Away Your Stone   It reminds me of my brother, of myself too.

"It seems that all my bridges have been burned,
But, you say that's exactly how this grace thing works,
It's not the long walk home
that will change this heart,
But the welcome I receive with the restart"

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