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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Santa B

I am a tiny bit stiff today, but not bad(not nearly as bad as I expected)!  We were in Santa Barbara the last few days, with friends, & did a half marathon there, yesterday.  Running is always an interesting thing for me.  As much as I am a planner, I kind of go into my running ventures a little half-assed, I have to say.  Meaning no rigorous training schedule, not too much concern over how fast I will be, etc.  Which is good, since I am not incredibly speedy.  Anyway, I always manage to finish & have a good time.  I've found in those challenging moments in a race, where you feel like you can't or don't want to go any farther(believe me I have many),  that is when I rely on God.  Whether I am thanking Him for all the lovely scenery that is around me, or reminding myself about how blessed I am to have my health & body & be able to run...or just praying "please get me up this hill" it's some of those moments I feel Him the most.

It was a good I am looking forward to whatever our next race will be.  I have a few ideas & who knows maybe I'll get a little more serious about the training one of these days :)

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