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Thursday, December 22, 2011


It feels like I have made way too many trips to The Spectrum(our outdoor mall around here)lately, & like I practically live at Target.  Today was getting some stocking stuffers, a gift for my Mom, meeting some old friends & old Youth Pastor for lunch(some of them I haven't seen for 15 years or more). All is busy, busy, but good. Christmas is sprinkled everywhere around our house.  Decorations, wrap, presents(trying to remember what good place I hid them in). The kids ask multiple times a day, "how many days left"?  I tell them it'll be here & gone before you know it, enjoy all the days leading up to it, & all we are doing now. Anyway, but then they just turn around & ask me later how long til' Christmas.  I think they got their patience(or lack thereof) from their Mom :) 
Here is my reindeer I was complaining about the other day...Aynsley & Her Antlers.  Her eye is all spiffed up now.
            Getting Christmas cards makes me happy.
A little angel decoration I made a few years ago, with Sage's picture.
Every night of vacation the kids have a camp out in the living room.  Usually the dogs are excited & jump all over their blankets at first, but eventually curl up with them. 3 kids lying down, 3 dogs snoozing... then my house is quiet & all is peaceful.

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