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Monday, December 19, 2011

A One-Eyed Deer & Other Stories

Blahhh....I have been getting really frustrated trying to make things today!  I had the house to myself, cause Richard took the kids to visit relatives.  The perfect time to get things done, & so I have been working on things without much success.  My girl with antlers here was looking good, until I sprayed her with a varnish, & for some reason her whole eye started running down her face....only one eye(weird).  Damn deer.  Maybe she will sport an eyepatch.  Hopefully, I can fix her up tomorrow.

This past weekend was our niece Jacque's wedding(& Frank's too).  Cody was the ring bearer in it, & his cousin Darcy was one of the flower girls.  I was worried he wouldn't want to go down the aisle but he ended up doing a great job :)  Here are some snapshots of our weekend.
The traffic was so, sooooo bad on the way to the wedding rehearsal,  & our navigation system sent us the wrong way at one point, frustrating!  We left hours ahead of time & still were late, & my usually mild mannered husband was saying he was going to drive our car over a bridge! I found it a tiny bit amusing, seeing him so fired up.  But I felt bad for him, cause he was the driver, so I stayed somewhat quiet(as quiet as I can be).  We eventually got there, & got to catch up with family we haven't seen in awhile & all was good :)

Playing in the elevator at the reception.
Out Shopping

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