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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trees and Other Festive Things

I am catching up from a few days ago....the kids had fun  making a Gingerbread house, the other day, & Cody had fun eating his fair share of frosting.  We picked our small but happy little tree out, & decorated it all up.  That part of Christmas is ready, but in every other way, I don't feel ready for it!  Ughhhhh.  I want to be in the spirit of things, & be in the moment, but when I look at the list of stuff to be done on each day next week...I feel a bit overwhelmed.  Maybe I should burn the list(now that's an idea!)  Ha ha.  I guess that wouldn't be too responsible of me to shirk my duties.  I am just going to keep reminding myself to not stress, & to enjoy the little magical moments(especially with my kids)....even if they happen to be tucked in between a lot of not so magical stuff :)

Yesterday, we surprised the kids with a trip to Disneyland.  At first they thought they were getting ready for school in the morning.  Then I told them we had to go to a wedding rehearsal for their cousin(who's getting married next week).  It didn't dawn on them we were actually at Disneyland, until we were in the parking lot.  I've never been there around Christmas time, so it was fun to see all the decorations up.

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